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The secrets of success

50% of new businesses fail within 12 months. More than 70% fail within 5 years and more than 90% within 10 years. Our courses will amaze and give you the tools and strategy for you create a successful business and prevent failure.

We are the only school in the world that teaches self employed people how to create a £1 Billion Business. The are 7 steps. It doesn't matter what kind of business you wish to create, we can make it work for you in less than 12 months. Save yourself years of frustration, headaches, burnout, debt by learning how to create a World Class Company.

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We will be very pleased to help you to build a successful career and a great business, plus a happy entrepreneur's journey

Our Process

Step 01

Watch the 7 steps to build a £1 Billion Business

Every successful business in the world was build through the 7 steps. The steps guarantee your success.

Step 02

Choose a course related to your Dream & Business

Choose a course that's related to the business that you wish to create, example, How to build a £1 Billion Business, hair dressing .

Step 04

Attend our live Workshop

If you can please attend 1 of our monthly live seminars. Currently we run events in Manchester and London